Fat Shark HD2 Goggle Refresh

Posted 20181019

While installing the Laforge module in these goggles I performed a couple of other mods and refreshed them overall. The power switch and faceplate battery fan mods were performed. I ended up extending out the switch with a 6-7mm 3d printed spacer. The battery holster stl isn't my design and was printed at 150% width. Push button switch terminals were trimmed before soldering to shorten a few millimeters. A spacer was still needed to install the switch as it butted up against the back of the goggle cavity where placed.


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Big Whoop 85mm Inductrix FPV Plus Flight Controller with RunCam Micro Swift 2 Build

Posted 20181003

The goal for this build was to get a CCD camera in a brushed whoop configuration for outdoor/back yard flying. The frame and motors were scaled up in hopes of offsetting the weight of the camera and surrounding hardware. Flight time is only about three and a half minutes with the GNB 600mAh batteries. Altitude flight mode doesn't work. The flight controller must not be able to compensate for the additional weight. The saddest part of the build is that Meow mode doesn't work most of the time with this configuration. :( I'm still happy with the build and plan on flying it regularly. I'd like to get this camera/vtx/pod ...

Plow Skid Bar

Posted 20180908

Last winter I managed to scrape a bunch of gravel out of our driveway when plowing snow. To aid in preventing that from happening in the future I made a plow skid bar. The bar is a 60 inch length of iron plumbing pipe. The tabs used are commonly employed in stock car chassis and were sourced from ebay.

Tiny Whoop Inductrix FPV Plus Flight Controller Build #2

Posted 20180908

I liked the Tiny Whoop Inductrix FPV Plus Flight Controller Build enough to build another. This time I had a full Inductrix FPV Plus as a donor, so the AIO camera, canopy, and tail LED were reused (purchased used from ebay). The canopy was trimmed to fit the smaller frame and hydrodipped. As mentioned in the referenced build, motor leads have to be reversed to work with this fc/motor combo.

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Skyzone SKY01 Goggle Refresh

Posted 20180805

I recently performed a refresh on my old Skyzone SKY01 goggles. The fatshark faceplate makes them so much more usable for me. The goggles no longer fog up. I'm really impressed with the performance of the Menace PicoPatch. 


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