Tiny Whoop Inductrix FPV Plus Flight Controller Build

Posted 20180730

Tiny Whoop style quadcopter with Blade Inductrix Plus flight controller. Tiny build with Anti-Turtle/Meow mode. The 3D printed canopy did add a bit of weight. Motor leads have to be reversed to work with this fc/motor combo. Has more than enough power and flies very nicely indoors.

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King Kong Fly Egg Build

Posted 20180224

Fully dressed Fly Egg 100. Flys nice, but takes a bit more throttle than I'd like for lift. Removing the landing legs helps (which probably aids not only in weight savings, but gets rid of some drag from the prop air current).

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Blade Nano QX Rakon Heli Build

Posted 20180108

I've had the Rakon Heli kit, motors and camera in a a box for a couple of years now. I finally set some time aside to build this, buying the rest of the needed parts and drawing up a canopy. The quad ocillates a bit during the first quarter or so of flight time, even at hover, and then settles out. I can't do any tuning with the blade fight controller, so I may try some different props. The quad flies for about five minutes of relaxed flying around the house with the Crazypony batteries. It flys quite similar to a stock Blade Nano QX FPV (somewhat sluggish).

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Zero Turn Fender Liners

Posted 20171031

I have an Ariens Zoom 34 zero turn mower. Last spring was quite wet here and it would get stuck when mowing. The stock rear rims and tires were very narrow at 18 x 6.5-8 and would just sink into the mud.

I wanted to mount much wider wheels and tires to get some floatation, but with the available tire sizes, diameter had to be increased as well. I decided on 20 X 11-10 tires.

The fenders were trimmed to allow clearance for the tires. Mud and lawn debris could be slung up into the now exposed wiring within the fender covers.

Fender liners were modeled up in Fusion 360 and printed in ABS ...

Lulzbot TAZ 3 w/ Development Kauri Z-Axis

Posted 20151116

I've been upgrading my TAZ 3 to TAZ 5+ specifications. I've decided to go with modified Mangrove development parts for the z-axis at this point. Before I tear the rig back down I thought I'd share it's current state. Here are some photos of the build with Kauri z-axis bits.