Posted 20150507

Here's a rover build I recently finished up. It has both FPV and UGV functionality.

I can't recommend purchasing anything from nitrorcx.com after this build as they are now on my personal vendor black-list. This is due to parts being out of stock seemingly indefinitely, the only form of contact is through a clunky forum, and refusing to send the proper number of ordered parts. Buy Axial, Traxxas or another alternative if you can afford it.

 Upgraded steering servos and tires are planned. Updates to follow.

Parts List:

  • 1/8 Max Stone Rock Crawler - Initial Donor Vehicle
  • 1/8 Mad Torque Rock Crawler Main Chassis
  • 1/8 Mad Torque Rock Crawler Body ...

Mobius Mounted On Phantom

Posted 20150302

Here's the Phantom FC40 with a Mobius ActionCam mounted. The camera is assembled upside-down using the base that was included with it. The video was flipped 180 degrees using the configuration utility to compensate. The anti-vibration mount is a generic aluminum one sourced from Ebay.

Hubsan H107D D Lens Mod

Posted 20150228

 Here's the wide angle D lens mod performed on a Hubsan X4 H107D. A big thanks to superjon78 for posting the part needed and procedure on youtube. The housings were cut apart using an exacto knife and then superglued back together. The camera was focused after the install. The Hubsan in much nicer to fly with the wider field of vision.

Parts List:

  • D Lense for a 808 #16 D Keychain Cam
  • Super Glue

Phantom Devo Receiver Install

Posted 20150207

I installed a Walkera Devo RX802 reciever in my DJI Phantom. If I were to do it again, I would use one of the Devo recievers that have their wire ports on the end instead of the top for better fitment. A RX701 may be sufficient depending on your channel needs. Wired as follows:

RX802 <-> NAZA
ELEV <-> E
AILE <-> A
THRO <-> T
RUDD <-> R
GEAR <-> U
AUX1 <-> X1
AUX2 <-> X2

Here is my Deviation config file. If you use the file, be sure to review it and edit to suit your needs, and of course fully test using the NAZA assistant.

Walkera Devo 8S Multimod Procedure

Posted 20141228

After reading PhracturedBlue's wiki, and watching SeBy DocKy's youtube video, I decided to give it a try. My Devo 8S can now bind with Skyartec, Frsky, Flysky, and Hubsan protocol models (as well as with Blades/DSM2/DSMX models due to the Deviation firmware). I'm not going to include a parts list as SeBy DocKy has done an excellent job with that. Click the images for further details.